Bottleshots was set up to fill the demand by boutique producers of food and wine to photograph and archive their jars, bottles and products. It is run as part of a larger range of photography services by Ankh Photography.

It has become the one-stop product & wine bottle photography & archive service.

We can photograph your products and wine bottles and store them online for you and your marketing company to access and download in a hi-res file from our Bottleshots Server

We have a very streamlined system in place to photograph and store all your product images so that they will be accessible from anywhere in the world for download and use in any marketing media. Simply courier your bottles or products to our office and we will photograph them in a specially designed product studio and upload them ready for use. They will be kept online for download for 3 years, after which they will be available via email request for up to 10 years.

For any queries please contact Andrew:


Catalogue Shots

Photography & online storage

6 bottles ( or part thereof ) $140+gst
12 bottles $240+gst

Styled Shots

These are charged on a case by case basis, depending on the time involved to set up and shoot, but as an example the photos below were shot with a simple setup with bottles that were already being shot for a catalogue shot, and was charged at $120+gst for the 2 images


Other products, jars, packages & bottles priced on a per item rate as above. Some labeling may need to be priced on application (as they may require different lighting setups).



We can supply your images on a CD or USB for $40 plus G.S.T.

Graphics and Marketing partners will be able to access and download your high resolution images free of charge from your gallery.

Image files are supplied as .JPEG hi-quality with a white background . .PNG (clear background) files are also available. Please advise at time of delivery.


  • Please ensure rear labels on white/rose bottles are removed.

  • Make sure the bottle seam isn’t visible .

  • Make sure the capsule is well formed and that the bottle is clean, front label square and aligned well.

  • Bottles without return courier stickers or delivery arrangements will be disposed of within 2 weeks.

Courier Packages to Andrew at:

Ankh Photography
4 McVay Street,
(note: packages can be left at rear porch safely)