Portrait of a swamp

So those of you who follow my photography know that I like to shoot at a location called Peka Peka Wetlands, just south of Hastings.  It is a stunning location with really easy access and one of my favourites spots to shoot sunrises and sunsets.

So I thought I would put together a collection of my photos from the last 6 years in this blog.

A couple of things I realised as I was putting this post together:

  •  most of these photos are taken in winter, which is when the wetlands look their best with the clearest water
  • I struggle with naming photos sometimes and just use Pt II, III etc 
  • the first few photos are still some of my favourites at this location, in fact "Fade to Grey" is framed and hanging on the wall just of to my right as I type this.

Enjoy these photos and feel free to comment on whether you think my shooting style has changed over the 6 years, or any other thoughts.

If you click on an image it will open in a lightbox type viewer, where you flick through them all full screen, and hover over to get their titles.