Quick Tip: Lens Sleeves

I thought I would share a quick tip for organising lenses ( and other items ) in your camera bag.

If your camera bag looks like mine then you often wind up with 2, 3 or more lenses sitting in the same compartment with each other, and often banging on each other.  Something that I have been using for years now to keep my lenses protected are what I know as "can cosy's".  These are the neoprene 'sleeves' that you can buy to keep cans / bottles of drink cool in summer, but are also about the right size to fit most small camera lenses into.  The only modification I make to them is to turn them inside out as they normally have branding / writing on the outside.

I also don't just use them for lenses, I also store batteries, flash triggers etc in them when I need to keep things together and safe from knocks.

Quick, simple and cheap, but effective.