Every photo I took on our 2018 India trip

This will be the last blog post from our recent trip to India and Hong Kong.

When we returned from the trip we were asked a lot how many photos we had taken ( being as we are photographers people expected that we had been trigger happy ) and when I said that I had shot 3500 photos most people were shocked at how big that number was. I actually thought the number was quite low given that it was a 3 week trip to a place we had never been before.

So the purpose of this blog, and the online gallery that it links to, is 2 fold:

  • as a place where all the photos from the trip can live so I can refer to them if I need to

  • as a way of letting people see how 3500 photos can be acquired in 3 weeks. It will become obvious very quickly that I very rarely took a single photo of a scene, and often I would tweak the composition over the course of a few shots to make sure I got it as good as possible.

Anyway if you have a bit of time to spare please have a look through the photos ( again these are the Jpeg images straight off the camera with no additional editing ), and if you click on an image you can look at them in a ‘lightbox’

If you have any questions about any of the photos leave me a comment below.

Here is the link to the online gallery: