Gemma Ray at The Old Mill

There is a small 'secret' society that operates in Hawke's Bay.  It is run by a group of people, and at it's heart is a true gentleman by the name of Jamie McPhail.  It's only purpose is to seek out local and international music talent, and bring it to Hawke's Bay and have it perform at a small intimate gig, with entry by invite only.  These gig's are know as 'sitting room sessions' but they have outgrown that name somewhat.

Last night saw about 60 people attend one of those gigs; and the international act on show was Gemma Ray from Essex (via Berlin), and her multi-talented sidekicks Gris-di-lin (keyboards / vocals) and Andrew Zammit (drums/keyboards), performing songs from her recently released album "The Exodus Suite".  Gris-di-lin also opened the show with songs from her soon to be released album.  You can find more information about them both on their facebook pages: and

I went along for double duty; I am always trying to do more concert photography and I was very keen to hear more of this artist, who I had snippets of. 

So here are some shots from last night; as is often the case the lighting was great for the gig but doesn't translate well onto 'film', so the black & white versions are probably my favourites.