Scinde Building: B & A

After a discussion on the time spent processing photos, I thought I would throw up a quick before & after post showing the processing work involved in the first of my "Different Times, Different Light" images that I finished processing yesterday.

Below is the finished image, which I edited to try to show what the building may have looked like without the trimmings of the modern world.

"Different Times, Different Light: Scinde Building"

"Different Times, Different Light: Scinde Building"

Without knowing the building it would be (hopefully) hard to see the changes that I made to it in photoshop to recreate it's "original" look.  Below is the image as it came out of the camera.

RAW image

RAW image

As you can see in the image above a bit of work was required initially to straighten the building to get rid of the "keystoning" effect caused by shooting the photo with the camera pointing slightly upwards to capture as much sky as possible, and then a bit of adjustment to the relative brightness of the building and the sky.

Below is a photo of my set up for the shot; Fujifilm X-E1 with Rokinon 12mm lens, with Lee Big Stopper ND filter on the front.  I used a remote (the cable is hanging out the left of the camera) to trigger and hold the exposure open in bulb mode for 4 minutes.  As you can imagine there were quite a few cars and people wandering through the shot during that time but they aren't visible in the final shot due to the length of the exposure and the relatively short length of time that those items were in the frame.


After straightening and adjusting the brightness of the image in Lightroom I then took the photo into Photoshop for the 'heavy lifting' work required to remove the signs, lights, parking meters, car, road markings and to recreate the windows / panels on the left side of the building which have been removed at some point during it's life.

All up the processing on this photo took about 5 hours, spread over a few days.

Below is the before and after of the Photoshop edits.  Feel free to let me know whether you prefer the before or the after.