Isle of White

White Island

White Island

We spent yesterday on a trip out to White Island in the Bay of Plenty with White Island Tours ( ).  White Island is 1 of 2 active volcanoes in New Zealand, the other being Mt Ruapehu, and sits 49km off the coast from Whakatane.  Here are some photos from the trip.

top to bottom: Our boat "Predator" at Whakatane Wharf; Decorative only I would think; Time to channel Bob the Builder; Yes, you do need it; Friendly crew with a nautical uniform; Landing time

top to bottom: Ducklings in a row; Our main Guide Mark talks about rocks and sulphur and stuff; Heading up to the main crater; Nearly there; Main Crater with the main vent in the middle only having been there since April; Long view of the main crater, with the rest of our group standing in front of the main steam plume; Heading back down to the Factory

top to bottom: Sulphur mining factory abandoned in 1931, Wheels of time, Liz at the Factory, Picture window looking to the main crater, Our boat waiting for us, Last look.

What a great experience being able to visit an active volcano only 90 minutes by boat from Whakatane.  I would highly recommend getting out there if you ever get the chance